JavaScript Terminology

JavaScript Terminology

These are the terms you need to know if you are a JavaScript Programmer.

Semicolon (;) – Semicolor symbol is used to indicate the browser that line is finished.

Brackets – [] – These are used to represent Arrays.

Braces – { } – Flower brackets are used to define the scope like starting point and ending point and we write the code inside this block.

Like starting of function and ending of a function.

parantheses – () – Is used to call a function.

Identifiers – are the name given to variables, functions, properties or object. Any thing you name it is identifier.

Variable – Any identifier that stores a value.

Operators – Special symbols that are used to perform some operation. Like Arithmetic operator + is used to add two numbers.

Example : +, -, ++

Expressions – They are variables or operators that resolves into something. a = 1 + 2 is an expression.

a = 1 + 2; //Expression always evaluate to some other value.

Statements – Group of commands to perform an action or could be a single statement. They end with ‘;’. Statement are meant to do some action.


y = sum(1, 2);

alert(“value of y” + y);


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