"My Goal is to help you learn to code and build a career as a programmer." - Srini (Instructor)

All the courses in SkillsLearn are made by Srini Instructor, who has been training students more than a decade on various platforms like Udemy, BitDegree and others.

The courses that you see on SkillsLearn are well tested and refined based on the 200K+ students feedback on these courses.

Srini teaches you to code in very unique way called as D.L.E.E.T.A method.

  • Define the Course Objective.
  • Learn the Theory.
  • Example Demo.
  • Exercise Practice.
  • Test yourself.
  • Achievements.

This method makes the course very easy and fun to learn.

Every lecture is made with special care to make sure you have good learning experience with info-graphics, HD quality and clear sound.